If you do - cancel them - we have something better! That’s right… we are officially launching our very first SUMMER INTERNSHIP! If you are in the creative field and looking to build your resume, we would love for you to fill out an application. Don’t worry, we have PERKS! Take a look at the itemized breakdown that explains how incredible this will be below, and if the shoe fits - submit your shiz.


Sounds good, right? We think so. Here’s the kicker - since this is our first go-around, we are only offering 2 (two) spots. Here’s why: We refuse to be a company that takes on interns and simply gives them busywork. Our goal is to grow you as an individual, and ultimately help you achieve your career goals. In order to do that, we limit our spots so that we can be intentional. We invite all who are interested to apply below!

Job Requirements:
A creative background
Willing to commute to Birmingham, Alabama
Willing to work 10-15 hours a week
Good team-player
Access to the Adobe Creative Suite
Must be present for a weekly team meeting (currently Mondays at 1:30pm, can be altered)

You will be called a Hamburger Helper
You will be a part of Hamburger Creative
You will work with Britt and Niki
You will be in our presence
You will get to interact with us
Kidding, mostly

Real Perks:
$300/month stipend
Flexible hours (Both interns will be required to work together on this. They will submit a bi-weekly schedule together)
We will shower you in merch
Real world experience
Plus so much more

What you'll do:
Monitor our client's social media
Create content schedules
Create ad campaigns
Plus more

Why this is great:
These are REAL clients and YOU get to create their ideas and ad campaigns
You'll be able to pitch ideas to us, as well as to the client's directly
They are all very open to new ideas. So go crazy

Still on board? Fill out the application below!

Applications are due by Monday, April 29 at midnight CST.

Tentative start date is Wednesday, May 15.

Tentative end date is Wednesday, August 14.

Name *
Don't overthink it.
Nothing crazy (or maybe so. Up to you) just honestly tell us how you let the ideas flow.
We are not here for flattery but it does work.
Art Director, Copywriter, Photographer, Videographer, Motion Graphics, Stick Figures, Painting with all of the colors of the wind? Tell us about it.
Done something cool? Won an award? Got out of bed today? Tell us!
Do you have the Adobe Creative Suite? *
We have a cool workspace. We want you to use it. We'll bring snacks.
If you have one.
If you have one.
Do you understand that we have no idea what we're doing 80% of the time and only need people that will laugh with us through our pain and not judge us? *