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Tala Mama - a lifestyle blog for the less traditional. Savanna and Tala are a spunky mother/daughter duo with an unconventional story. Society spends an enormous amount of time trying to instill a specific idea in our minds as to what it looks like to be a family. Most of us imagine the epitome of a family unit being a man and woman who are married first - then comes the children. But what about those who do not fit into that category for whatever reason? That is exactly what Savanna was thinking when she started this blog. Savanna's story is much like many other people in the worlds - different. Although she did not follow in the exact steps culture told her to follow, she still has an amazing family. This blog is for any and all who do not fall in line with societal norm or tradition. It is a safe place of acceptance and growth, together, in the journey of life.